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Julie Hullinger

I LOVE Happy Nails. It’s a clean, friendly and awesome place to get your nails done. Amy is the best and I highly recommend her to anyone. You won’t be disappointed!

Marry Watts

One of the best nail salons I have ever been to. I tend to try new places and look for good ones wherever I go so I know what to expect from a decent place. Everything is just right. Good customer service. Techs are just way over qualified for the job. They use good quality products and have a great set of beautiful colors to choose so I doubt anyone wouldn’t have their favorite color here. The place is clean and well organized. Price is super reasonable considering what you would get to come here. Highly recommended !!!

Valentina Ross

First time visiting them and I really loved everyone who worked at this establishment. All the ladies here were really friendly and professional. They did an amazing job on my nails and gave wonderful pedicures. Also, everything inside this nail salon was super clean and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Huge fan of this salon. Thank you for doing such an awesome job!!

Natalie Henry

Happy Nails sure made me happy about my visit today. Came in with a friend as she is a regular and she has been suggesting us two should go to have our nails done together so we did. I am actually a little impressed with the way they run their business, really care about their customers experience. Staff is very nice and professional. Techs are very skillful and easy to communicate with. I had a spa pedicure and manicure. The lady showed me their great selection of good quality products and beautiful colors to choose from. The pedicure felt really great and my nails now look fantastic as she took her time to make sure everything is right. The shaping is perfect just how I want it. The place is clean and well organized. We did have our quality time together. Price is very reasonable. I really wish there is a place like this near where I live so I could come more often. Highly recommended !!!

Jenny Chambers

I had a great mani-pedi this morning, and wanted to add my voice to those who recommend Happy nails. I was fortunate enough to get a walk-in appointment first thing, but they seemed quite busy, so I recommend calling ahead for appointments. I met several of the tech, all of whom were friendly and welcoming. A perfect balance here. All in all, a very pleasurable experience.