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Regular Manicure


UV Gel is a great coating over natural or acrylic nails. Gel will keep nails shiny without polish. It is recommended for those who constantly work with their hands and don’t want to worry about their shine fading.

nu skin manicure


This manicure with procedures as Regular manicure plus special treatments by applying a deliciously rich BAOBAB CREAM to quench your skin’s thirst with Shea Butter and the fruit of the African BAOBAB tree. These time-tested ethno-botanicals promote smooth, supple skin that stays touch-ably soft all day while enhancing skin resiliency for even softer skin tomorrow.

shellac or gel manicure


Shellac Manicure with procedures as Regular manicure the Gel is great as a coating over good nails at an actives length .Gel is more forgiving than acrylics and a good alternate form of enhancement for those allergic to acrylics or chemical-sensitive. Reccomended for those with good nails that need a little strengthening or for polish longevity.

Dipping Powder


Dipping powder is a healthy alternative to acrylic nails and is free of harsh chemicals. It is also non-toxic and odorless. Dipping powder nails are durable but gentle, lightweight, and transparent. It is applied without liquids or UV light and is infused with vitamins.

Regular Pedicure


Treatment includes aroma foot soak, nails filed, shaped, cuticle trim and buff, dead skin exfoliated, callus treatment, moisturize,10 minutes lotion massage and hydrate with hot stone, foot and with aromatherapy oil, and polish of your choice.( Time duration approximately 30 min)

Spa Pedicure


The Spa Pedicure with procedures as in the Regular Pedicure. With exotic fruity Sea Salt Scrub, mineral Mint mask, moisturizing with Ice Cooling Gel mask and hot towel wraps. Extra 15 minutes lotion massage applied to provide you the most experience, finished with polish of your choice. (Time duration approximately 35 min)

nu skin deluxe pedicure


This Deluxe Pedicure with procedures as in the Regular. Nu-Skin Deluxe Pedicure is a very very special Spa Pedicure unlike other spa pedicures. Nu-Skin spa pedicure utilizes products like the Herbal Mineral Bath, Liquid Body Lufra, Ice dancer Invigorating Gel, Sole Solution Foot Treatment. Extra 15 minutes massage with Baobab Body Butter to revive, reconditioning with hot towel wraps and hot stone, will leave your skin exceptional silky and smooth, refresh and comfort your feet for the ultimate relief sensation with polish of your choice. (Time duration approximately 40 min)

Voesh Spa Pedicure


Voesh Spa Pedicure with procedures as in the Regular Pedicure. Voesh Spa pedicure collection is a four-step treatment that enriches skin with key ingredients to give feet much needed nutrients. Each set is individually packed with the right amount of product for a single pedicure, ensuring a clean and hygienic spa pedicure solution. Make your Ordinary Spa Extraordinary. Each set includes a mud mask, foot scrub, massage lotion, and a deep sea mineral salt soak system. The regimens are available in scents like Lavender Relieve, Virgin Olive Oil and Green Tea. (Time duration approximately 40 min)
* Lavender Relieve – Lavender benefits in being antiseptic and anti-fungal which helps to reduce scarring and speeds healing. It is also an anti-inflammatory and circulatory stimulant. Stressed? Soothe and Relieve with Lavender Aromatherapy.
* Virgin Olive Oil – A natural spa, extra virgin olive oil has the added advantage of providing strong antioxidants, like Vitamins A and E that help repair and renew skin that has been damaged from overexposure to sun, air pollution, and other modern-day environmental hazards.
* Green Tea – Green tea is used to reduce dryness in skin. It is known for quickly penetrating the epidermis. Along with hydration, green tea can also be used to prevent premature aging of the skin, fight free radical damage and promote overall skin health. Detox time! Fully detoxify and hydrate your feet.
* Ocean Refresh – Enriched with seaweed extract to help nourish, protect, and increase circulation making it vital to maintaining healthy skin. Peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation especially on those dry and hot days. Swollen feet? Refresh & Cool your feet with Ocean Nutritions & Peppermint.

Pearl Spa Pedicure


The Pearl Spa Pedicure with procedures as in the Regular Pedicure. The Pearl Spa uses pearl powder, from exotic jewels found in the deep blue seas. This beauty secret is able to provide healing, anti-aging, brightening, and UV protection. The pearl powder contains over a dozen different minerals and 18 different amino acids. Natural moisturizers protect your skin from UV rays and free radicals. Pearl powder creates youthful, healthy-looking skin by promoting cell renewal, finish with polish of your choice. (Time duration approximately 45 min)

Chamomile Spa Pedicure


The Chamomile Spa Pedicure with procedures as in the Regular Pedicure. The Chamomile Spa Pedicure is a healing, calming, soothing, & antibacterial treatment to your feet. Chamomile also acts as an effective aromatherapy for anxiety as it is full of antioxidents. This potent herbal mixture is designed to soothe stressed skin & aching muscles. This pedicure adds aromatherapy to our special spa pedicure, finish with colors of your choice. (Time duration approximately 45 min)

$5 Extra for French

$5-$10 Extra for design

$15 Extra for Gel Polish